All parents are expected to participate in the music playing for our skaters, whether their child has music of their own or not. Figure Skating is a sport that requires music to be played for competitions, tests and/or ice shows. Without music our skaters could not attend any of these events. When your child starts taking private lessons it becomes your responsibility to participate in the music playing rotation. You may be requested to play music once a month or more for each session your child skates, depending on the amount of skaters on each session. If your child is older he/she may play the music instead for a session that they do not skate on. Music is played on all sessions, dance, freeskate, skills and stroking/enhancement. Our Music Coordinator will set up a rotation schedule. If you have signed up to play and cannot make it, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

Occasionally throughout the year there will be sessions when some of our coaches, executives and skaters will be away at competitions or tests. At these times, it is requested that all parents stay in the arena with their children. Please do not drop them off at the door and leave!! Your children must be supervised on the ice. You coach will let you know these special dates.

A cheque of $150.00 is required from any skater taking private lessons. A cheque dated September 1/16 must be provided if you choose not to play music for our skaters. This cheque will be cashed at the discretion of the Music Coordinator, with the MSC Executive Board approval. If you will be playing music, please date your cheque March 1/18. Cheques MUST be received from every private skater at time of registration!

NO music will be accepted in the music room without prior permission from the music coordinator. Once the bond cheque has been received, the skater will have their music played in the regular weekly music rotation.

For those that have written cheques for March 1, and have fulfilled music commitment requirements, your post-dated cheque will be returned. If the music playing requirements are not met, your cheque will be cashed.

Please remember to sign in the music book when you play!! This book is a record of who is playing and when. If you do not sign-in, we will have no record that your bond was met.

  1. If you are scheduled to play music the first session of the day, please get the music room keys from a board member, or a coach as you will need to set up for the day. An experienced music player or board member can show you the ropes!
  2. Remember to sign-in on the music player’s sheet so that you will receive credit for playing music.
  3. The Buy-On skaters will come and tell you they are buying-on. 5-7 minutes after the session begins, please announce reminder that any buy-on skaters must have checked in with you and if have no done so, to do so immediately.
  4. Play stroking music for 5-10 minutes on sessions that have no stroking before free skate.
  5. For sessions that have stroking before freeskate, play stroking music for 2-3 minutes
  6. Go through the sessions list by announcing each skaters name over the microphone. The skater should go to their spot. Skaters are not allowed to wave off their own music.

    Then mark it off in the book as follows:
    Played (1)
    No Music (NM)
    Refused (R)
    Absent (A)
    Pro Request (P)
    Off Ice (O)
  7. Please note the music player can skip over the skater if they are in a lesson with a coach. (If you are unsure, announce their name any way, the coach will wave off if not needed).
  8. Coaches may request music TWICE per 15 min lesson. Coaches may only request the music of the skater being coached in a lesson.
  9. No skater may request his or her own music to be played.
  10. Play the buy-on skater music ONLY after you have played the regular session skaters. Except if the coach is giving the buy-on skater a lesson, the coach then may request the buy-on skaters music.
  11. If using CD’s, put all CD’s back into their correct cases.
  12. Play only interpretive and freeskate music during the free skate sessions.
  13. The music player on the last session of the day is required to put the music, microphone, music book, and buy on book back in the locked box. All equipment and lights should be turned off and the door shut completely with pad lock in locked position. Please return music room keys to a coach or board member to place back in the clubroom.