Shona Davies

  • Club coach since 1987
  • Complete Level 2 (ISPC) certied in singles, pairs & ice dancing (technical, theory & practical)
  • Complete level 3 (ISPC) certied level 3 singles technical
  • Partial Level 3 (ISPC) singles theory
  • CanSkate Certified
  • Trained off-ice: dry land jumps & flexibility
  • Personal Test record: Gold Freeskate, 6th figure/gold skills, Senior Bronze Dance
  • Past participant Vancouver Precision Synchronized Skate team
  • Completed coach Association Making Ethical Decisions
  • Current First Aid & CPR
  • Submitted Back Check (criminal record check)
  • Skate Canada compliant
  • Years of experience as Club Administrator/coordinator for multiple programs: PreCanSkate, CanSkate, Program Assistants & StarSkate
  • Co-director/Coordinator and Choreographer for various Ice Shows
  • Successfully coached skaters to Gold level test achievements & StarSkate
  • Successfully coached skaters to Competitive test & competition achievements
  • Successfully coached skaters to Regional, Sectional (provincial) levels & BC Winter games

Laurie McMillan

  • Preschool Coordinator
  • StarSkate Coordinator
  • Began Coaching in 1986
  • Star 1-5 Trained and Coach Assessor Certified
  • Star 6 Gold trained and Coac Assessor Certified
  • National Coach Training
  • Complete Level 2
  • Partial level 3 theory and technical
  • Certified CanSkate instructor
  • Certified by the Coach Association of Canada
  • First Aid Certified
  • Special Olympics Coach Certified
  • 30+ years’ experience as club coordinator for multiple programs
  • Past Regional and provincial coach for Special Olympics
  • Successfully coached skaters to gold level test achievements of StarSkate in disciplines of free skate, skills dance and interpretive.
  • Successfully coached skaters to test achievements competitive to the novice level
  • Successfully coached skaters at the regional and sectional (provincial) level
Nicole Ginter

Nicole Ginter

  • NCCP Level 1 - Regional Coach Certified
  • Coaching Code of Ethics module
  • Respect in Sport module
  • Making Ethical Decisions module
  • First Aid Certified
  • Special Olympics Certified
  • Previous club coach with Abbotsford Skating Club
  • Past co-ordinator for CanSkate, StarSkate and Jr. Academy (at the Abbotsford Skating Club)
  • Skate Canada - In Good Standing
  • Junior Ladies Competitive Freeskate

    Gold Freeskate

    Gold Skills (test & competitive)

    Gold Dances

    Gold Interpretive
  • Competed at Ontario Sectional Championships (Juvenile and Pre-Novice ladies)
  • Competed at BC Sectional Championships (Novice and Junior ladies)
  • Competed at BC Provincials (Gold Freeskate, Gold Triathlon, Gold Skills, Gold Interprative)
  • Competed in Buffalo, New York
  • Coached by Karen Magnussen, Debbie Fleck-Krunick, Bonnie Finch, Laura Matthews and Cindy McGilloway

More about Coach Nicole

Roberta Sawatzky

Roberta Sawatzky

  • Regional coach Certified
  • CanSkate Certified
  • 12 years coaching experience
  • First Aid Certified
  • Star 1-5 Trained & Coach Assessor Certified
  • Star 6-gold trained
  • Personal Test Record: Gold Skills, Gold Dance, Gold Interpretive, Jr Silver Freeskate
  • Organized & Planned many pop Concerts
  • Experience coaching children & adults
  • Coach all disciplines: skills, dance, free skate, interpretive & synchro
  • Compete as an Adult skater in Gold Interpretive event

Anika Phinney

  • Substitute CanSkate Coach