Registration for all club programs is ongoing!

CanSkate and PreCanskate

CanSkate registration - Register online through the City of Mission Parks, Recreation & Culture department here. These are Learn-To-Skate lessons offered in coordination with the City of Mission. See you in April!


STARSkate, SynchroSkate, and Private Lessons

2024 Spring Private Ice

Registration Opens March 19th at 12pm!

Please talk to your coach before registering for any sessions, or email Registrar if you have questions.

Click the ONLINE Program Registration link below. All Bonds and Policies are online with registration. Please read carefully.

2023 - 2024 ONLINE Program Registration (StarSkate Group, Synchro & Private Lessons)

Any questions regarding registration please Contact us and "Send us a message"!

How does the Jumpstart funding process work?
The Jumpstart Individual Child Grant application (the “Application”) is an online application that a parent/guardian can use to submit a request for funding to Jumpstart on behalf of their child/children. The following are a list of participants as they relate to the Application:

Parents/Guardians: parents/guardians are able to submit an application through the Jumpstart grant system for funding on behalf of their child/children.

Collaborators: Jumpstart understands that in some cases parents/guardians may need support to help complete their application. During the application process, the parent/guardian can identify a collaborator to assist them with their application. The collaborator may be a family member, support worker, a representative from a service organization, or any other individual whom the parent/guardian identifies in the application.

Jumpstart: A Jumpstart regional manager will review and verify all applications for funding. If an application for funding is approved, the approved funding amount will be delivered by Jumpstart to the service organization (as defined below).

Service Organization/Payee: The “Service Organization”, or “Payee”, is the registered business, non-profit, or charitable organization running the sport or physical activity program.

To Apply for JumpStart Grants, and to learn more, go to their website: Jumpstart Grants

KidSport Mission:

We provide grants to help cover the costs of registration fees so that all kids aged 18 and under in Mission can play a season of sport.

Our chapter accepts applications and administers grants of up to $400 per child/year, for kids who live in Mission, or in one of the other communities we serve. If you live outside of Mission please contact the Provincial Office to find your nearest chapter, or to get support through the Provincial Fund.

To Apply or Learn more, go to their website here: KidsSport Canada - Mission